• Hi class!

    I miss you! I hope you are all staying well. At-home learning resources will be on their way soon. Check out our Google Classroom on Monday, April 6th for your first choice board.

    Here are some suggestions that you could be doing to continue your learning:

    1. Use Clever to access a variety of things. Remember start at the Moncure webpage and go from there to get in.

    2. Do you have books you are reading? If not, remember you can access books online through the links from our school library- Pebblego and PebblegoNex. Also the public library has many books accessible online too. 

    3. Once you have read you can take AR tests at home now!

    4. Lexia is available to all in Clever right now.

    5. You could also check out some Gizmos as well. No recording sheet required!


    Again, I really miss all of you!

    Mr. Frikker