• Welcome to the Garrisonville Elementary School Counseling Department!

    School Counseling FAQ 

    Our Beliefs: 

    1. All students deserve a safe, welcoming, and positive environment in which to learn.

    2. All students have the ability to be successful learners.

    3. All students deserve access to a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes academic success, college and career readiness, and social/emotional advancement.

    4. Cooperation and collaboration between the school, families, and the community are essential for exemplary learning to take place.

    5. Students, teachers, families, school counselors, administration, and other educational stakeholders are all responsible for student outcomes.


    Our Mission: 

    To teach, inspire, and empower all students to be curious, thoughtful, responsible, kind, and confident in their ability to achieve their goals.

    Our Vision: 

    The students of Garrisonville Elementary School will be future leaders, caring and engaged global citizens, and life-long learners dedicated to excellence in all that they do.