• Welcome! Mrs. Jeanne Bergerud is a full-time counselor at Conway and works with kindergarten, second and fourth grade. Mrs. Bergerud received her Master’s in Counseling from the University of Maryland and after working as a counselor in the private, military, and nonprofit sector, went back to school to earn a school counseling endorsement from George Mason University. She has been a National Certified Counselor since 1995 and a school counselor since 2000. Please contact Mrs. Bergerud by phone 540-361-1455 or email at bergerudjm@staffordschools.net

    School counselors are professionally trained to assist students with educational, social, and emotional needs. The counseling program in Stafford County Schools is developmental and preventative. The three major components of the school counseling program are classroom guidance, group counseling and individual counseling.

    Classroom Guidance: At Conway, classroom guidance is at least once a month for all grade levels. This year kindergarten classroom guidance lessons will focus on social skills/ getting along with others/ Kelso's Choices. In second grade we will focus on friendship skills and in fourth grade we focus on problem solving.  If you ask your child about Mrs. Bergerud’s classroom visit, they may tell you, for example, that they worked in groups to complete a friendship activity or they played a game about school rules, or they were read a book about being a good listener or role played how not to get bullied.

    Group Counseling:  Small groups are an excellent way for children to learn from and with peers experiencing similar concerns. Groups are organized by the needs of our students through parent and teacher requests. Groups are held during the school day and generally run for six weeks. Parent permission is required. Mrs. Bergerud usually groups students by grade level and does her best to avoid collecting students during major instructional activities. Topics may include anger management, family changes, organizational strategies, problem solving, friendship skills or concerns, and new student adjustment.

    Individual Counseling: Individual counseling is available for students experiencing a particular concern. Parents or teachers may refer a student for individual time with the counselor. Students may also self-refer. In the school setting, individual counseling is usually brief in nature. Serious concerns are referred to appropriate outside agencies.

    Conferences and Consultation: Please contact Mrs. Bergerud if you would like a conference or need information about area services.