July 30th through August 11th

    The 2019-2020 Stafford Indian Legend


    Visit www.yearbookordercenter.com

    school code: 4516



    Class of 2020 Senior Portraits:

    The Senior Portrait informational assembly was held on May 1st, 2019. Lifetouch presented information about options and pricing.

    Senior Portraits are scheduled for June 24-27, retakes are Aug 5-8, and last retakes are Sept. 25 & 26 

    All Outside Photographer Senior Portraits must be turned in by September 31st in order to be included in the 2019-2020 yearbook. Seniors who have their portraits taken here at school by Lifetouch must make their YEARBOOK selection by September 31st.

    Seniors who choose to wait until the final make up days (Sept. 25 & 26) will have yearbook portraits selected for them by Lifetouch.


    If you have questions or concerns about your appointment time, options or pricing,

    contact Customer Service at Prestige Portraits: 410-644-7700 or visit www.prestigeportraits.com


    Senior Ads:

    The senior ad section of the 2020 Indian Legend will be in full color with the option for individual black and white photographs.  
    If you would like to purchase a senior ad please be advised of the following information and deadlines:
    1. In order to purchase a senior ad, you (or a parent/guardian) must schedule an appointment to meet with an editor or adviser.  At this appointment, you must bring all photos in the digital format (.jpg format at 300dpi).  We will sit down together and design your ad based on a yearbook themed template.  When you are happy with your ad, your payment will be receipted and your ad will be placed in the yearbook.
    2. Senior ads will be sold on a “FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE” basis until space runs out. Appointments can be made starting Tuesday, October 1st. The final day for Senior Ad completion is Friday, November 1st. 
    3. Scheduling your appointment will reserve your ad space, however, if you miss your scheduled appointment, your ad space will be sold to another customer.
    4. Pricing:
       Full Page..................... $350
       Half Page.................... $200
       Quarter Page.............. $125
    We will be having an "AD NIGHT" In mid October, where we will be scheduling the bulk of our appointments. 
    Underclass Portraits: August 28 & 29
    Underclass retake/make-up: Oct. 2