• Stafford Schools welcome all students regardless of race, color, creed, sex, religion, national origin, or disabling condition who live within the boundaries of the Stafford County Public School district and meet state age and health requirements. Parents should enroll their child as soon as they arrive in Stafford County at the school they will attend by making an appointment at the appropriate school. If you have questions about which school your child should attend, call the Central Office at (540) 658-6000. Children who are five years old on or before September 30 and have not reached age twenty on or before August 1 are eligible for admission.

    Online Registration

    We encourage you to use the Online Registration system (please note after completing the online portion of registration, you will still need to complete and provide some documents in person with the registering school).  

    Registration Requirements

  • Academic Planning Information and Links

    Stafford County Public Schools is a dynamic, goal-oriented learning community committed to preparing our students for success in further education, work and citezenship. In the SCPS Program of Studies Booklet for Middle School and High School, you will find which courses are required and in what sequence they must be taken. Furthermore, the booklet will also describe electives that are available.


    Gifted and Acclerated Programs 

    The Gifted and Accelerated Programs are designed for those students who demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude or competence in one or more domains (National Association of Gifted Children). Students whose abilities and potential for accomplishment are so outstanding that they require additional services to meet their educational needs are served at all levels through the Focus on Excellence Program. The gifted resource teaching staff, as well as gifted service programs, are commonly referred to as "Focus." The Focus teacher at each school provides services and resources to students, families, and general education classrooms teachers to meet the needs of students receiving gifted education services.

    The Advanced Placement program provides students with the opportunity to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. Upon completion of the courses, students may receive advanced placement and/or credit when entering college. Academically-oriented students are strongly encouraged to participate in the AP Program in Stafford County high schools. Students may take these courses at their high school or through the Virtual AP School. AP courses follow the suggested College Board course  curriculum, and serve to prepare students for the AP examinations in May. AP courses are offered based on enrollment. Grades earned carry weighted credit (1 additional quality point) in the GPA calculation.


    Special Education Services

    Special Education services, programs, and supports, are provided to address the unique needs of our students with disabilities aged 2-21, inclusive. Services are provided in the appropriate, least restrictive environment, as outlined in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). A continuum of services for all students with disabilities is offered. Most programs are available at each school, however, some programs which are less frequently required may not be available at every school; thus they have been strategically located in schools throughout our county. In this case, every effort is made to assign the student to a school as near the base school as possible.


    Home Instruction

    If you intent to provide home instruction to your child(ren), please complete the form entitled Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction, indicate the option under which you wish to be recognized, and provide the requested material along with a description of the curriculum to be followed for the coming school year for each child.  If you have any questions regarding the State of Virginia's Standards of Learning, please contact the Stafford County Public Schools Department of Instruction at (540) 658-6000 for assistance.


    Virginia Standards of Learning and Assessments

    The  Standards of Learning (SOL) for Virginia Public Schools establish minimum expectations for what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade or course in English, mathematics, science, history/social science and other subjects.

    SOL tests in reading, writing, mathematics, science and history/social science measure the success of students in meeting the Board of Education’s expectations for learning and achievement. All items on SOL tests are reviewed by Virginia classroom teachers for accuracy and fairness and teachers also assist the state Board of Education in setting proficiency standards for the tests.