• Thompson Middle School is offering an afterschool club called The Green Team.  We will be focusing on recycling and reusing in an effort to make our school and community “greener.”  We will meet two times a month on Thursday afternoons in the library.  During our meetings we may be doing research, attending field trips and making products that support a zero waste mentality.


    What We're Working On


    11th Annual Recycling Video Contest

    Create a short video that shows the benefits of recycling and fits the theme: "Sustainability and What it Means for You."  Click here for specifics or come to the library for an informational packet.  Contest ends: May 3rd, 2019.  Cash award of $500.


    Upcycling-we are making dog and cat toys and donating them to the shelter.  We are also learning how to upcycle materials, instead of throwing them away or recycling them.


    We are encouraging students at RTMS to recycle in classrooms and in the cafeteria.  We are teaching students to upcycle as well.


    Share table-a table in the cafeteria is set up to collect fruits and sealed foods that are not eaten and can be shared with others instead of wasted.


    TREX program-RTMS is competing in a plastic bag collection competition!  Bring your bags to school so they can be collected, submitted and used to make outdoor products by the TREX company. 



  • Want to join? Fill out a permission slip and bring it to our next meeting. The calendar has our meeting dates and you can join anytime!

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