• Cupcake Wars 2018-2019 was a new collaborative program involving Keyboarding, FACS, Tech Ed, Art, and Drama students!

    How it Works:
    Students were randomly broke into groups that contained at least two students from each class. Keyboarding students were required to keep the group on task and take notes of each step in the process so they could complete a blog to share their group’s story. Teams selected their favorite children’s book and designed a cupcake based on their books theme.

    FACS students baked and decorated their team’s cupcakes.
    Tech Ed students designed and made cupcake holders
    Art students designed team logos which were screen-printed on each members t-shirt
    Drama students wrote and starred in a commercial that marketed their groups cupcakes.

    As a culminating activity all students will set up their displays, shared their blogs, presented their commercials and give samples of their cupcakes to a team of judges. RTMS Cupcake Wars was a great success and we are looking forward to seeing how it will grow in the 2019-2020 School year.


    Check back soon for more information!