Welcome to the Online Course Request Page!


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    The window for completing the online 2019-2020 course requests will be from January 21st to February 1st.  Please follow the steps below to complete your course requests.

    STEP 1: Fill out the Course Selection Requests 2019-2020 Worksheet as appropriate for your grade level. This document was provided in Home Room on January 17th. Please click here to view the worksheet.

    STEP 2: Click here to watch a short video that demonstrates how to complete the online course request.

    *Please note:

    • requests will be saved automatically upon exiting the system
    • we recommend searching for classes using the Course ID number shown on the registration form rather than department/course title

    STEP 3: Review your selections to ensure there are 8 credits showing under “Requests” and 8 options listed as “Alternates”. Also, check that your requests are aligned with what teachers have recommended for next year.

    *Please note:

    • recommendations are provided by core subject/world language teachers
    • requests are subject to change based upon final recommendations once final grades are reviewed

    Thank you for completing these three steps. Your counselor will meet with you during school hours prior to March 15th to finalize your course requests. We appreciate your patience with this process.