• Welcome to Kindergarten, Kindercats! We are so happy to have you with us, virtually or here in person! You are going to learn so much and grow your brain this year.  

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    Wildcat Families, we have the AMAZING opportunity to pilot a new schedule for SCPS! Beginning October 6, we will welcome our hybrid students back into the classroom! We also have shortened our days so BOTH groups get to meet with their teacher FOUR days a week! THIS is a HUGE WIN for teachers and students! Not only do we get to learn twice as much each week, but the students won't be stuck in a chair for five hours a day! We truly believe breaking the days up and meeting more consistently will help all of our Wildcats! 



    Morning Meeting Daily from 8:00-8:10! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! 

    Your child will now meet with their teacher for instruction FOUR days a week! 

    Group A:

    8-11 Tuesday and Wednesday 

    1-3 Thursday and Friday


    Group B:

    8-11 Thursday and Friday 8-11

    1-3 Tuesday and Wednesday 

    Virtual Goals: 

    • Independently use mute and unmute buttons
    • Raise hand or use cue sticks to communicate with teacher
    • Answer questions independently! 
    • Staying in your workplace during instruction


    October Learning Focuses: 

    Language Arts 

    • Letter Recognition including upper and lower case letters
    • Writing first names
    • Rhyming
    • Listening to a story

    Social Studies

    • How to be a good citizen! 


    • Rote counting 0-20
    • Cardinality
    • Number Recognition (Matching digit with quantity)
    • Calendar 


    • Five senses
    • Seasons