• Welcome to Widewater Kindercats! 

    We are so excited to get to know each of you and to have an

    AMAZING school year! GO WILDCATS!

    -Mrs. Bogue & Mrs.Decatur 


    Kindergarteners should be close to mastering the following objectives by January:

    Mastery of foundational concepts is essential for moving forward to high level learning in the third and fourth quarters.  

    • Recognize ALL letters, uppercase and lowercase
    • Recognize at least 12 letter sounds
    • Count to 100 by 10s
    • Working towards counting to 100
    • Count backwards from 10 to 0
    • Produce rhyming words
    • Identify beginning and final sounds of consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) words (i.e. D-O-G)
    • Read a minimum of seven out of fourteen sight words


     Important Reminders/Information :


     Happy New Year Kindercat Families! Our Kindercats have a very busy month ahead! We will be celebrating Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and learning many new things. Your child will be given the midyear PALS assessment and the AMC math assessment.


    **As the weather gets chilly, it is important to us that all of our Wildcats are dressed appropriately. If you need assistance getting your child a warm coat, please send a note to your child’s teacher.**


    PALS testing will be taking place January 19-29. It is imperative that your child is in class every day in order to get this testing done. 


    While we are studying the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. this month your child may have some questions about sensitive topics such as racism and diversity.  We encourage you to have open and honest conversations with your child about these sensitive topics. If you need any support in these discussions, please feel free to contact our counselor at goodkj@staffordschools.net



    • If your child comes to school, please make sure you are sending your child to school with a reusable water bottle every day! 
    • The Kindergarten Team has been sending out exactly what papers to bring to class daily. Please ensure your child is bringing these materials to class. After your child’s class, please ensure they have completed ALL of the work for that day. 
    • Your child should be completing and submitting the Choice Board weekly! 
    • Have your child logging on to Lexia and Dreambox as much as possible. (Our expectation is that students are logging in for 15 minutes a day per app)


    Academic Focus for January: 

    Language Arts

    • Letter-Sound Correspondence
    • Matching spoken word to written text (pointing to each word as it is read)
    • Story retell (beginning, middle, and end)
    • Onset and Rime


    • Rote counting to 100
    • Cardinality to 20
    • Number Recognition (Matching digit with quantity)
    • Part-Part-Whole
    • Number Bonds to 5


    • Matter
    • Winter Season

    Social Studies

    • People of the Past (Martin Luther King Jr.)