• Welcome to Widewater Kindercats! 

    We are so excited to get to know each of you and to have an

    AMAZING school year! GO WILDCATS!

    -Mrs. Bogue & Mrs. Cioffi (Mrs. Judy)



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    Widewater was chosen as a place to distribute lunches to students!

     Staff will distribute curbside “grab and go” bagged lunches as well as breakfast for the following day from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Families should not congregate at the pickup site.

    In Neighborhoods:
    In addition to providing school sites where families can pick up meals, SCPS will have food drop-off locations in the community. Please see the attached document with the locations for the drop-off sites. Families should look for an SCPS school bus or vehicle at these sites during the designated hours, as noted on the attachment.




    Academic Reminders


    Please continue to work with your child daily during the extended break. We don't want them forgetting everything we worked so hard to retain this year. I will link videos to some songs the children enjoy. These songs are a wonderful way to help them get their wiggles out while they're stuck at home!


    Your child should be able to read these sight words by this point in the year:


    a               am             and               as             all              down          out            they

    at              can             go                 he            be              for             said            up 

    had            has             have             his            boy            girl             she            was


    him             I                 in                 is             but            her             some

    it                 of               on                see          did             little            that

    the              to               we                you          do             look             there


    They should also be able to read, write and recognize numbers 1-20.

    We are working on counting to 100, counting by 10’s to 100, and counting backwards from 10 to zero.

    Please continue to work with your child on these skills. Thank you for your continued support!


    Phonics Song

    Count to 100

    Jack Hartmann Count to 100

    Count by 10s

    Count Backwards from 20

    Days of the Week

    Months of the Year


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