• Rams are Readers!

    A reading incentive program for all students at Drew


    Rams are Readers!

    Rams are Readers! is a reading program for any student at Drew.  The list is made up of 15 titles, some of which are also on the Battle of the Books list.  Students who participate in Rams are Readers can win prizes by reading any four of the titles, with additional prizes offered for those students who read more books. 


    How to get credit for reading the books

    After reading any of the Rams are Readers! titles students will come to the library to discuss on the book with Mrs. Ashby.  These discussions will simply be a chance to talk about things the student liked or didn't like about the book.  The discussions are not a test filled with small facts about the book, just a chat.  Students who are especially worried about "passing" the chat are welcome to bring notes about the book along with them to help remember important facts in the book.


    Prizes and incentives

    Drew students can earn prizes for participating in Rams are Reading    

    After reading and reporting on four books – a prize of your choice from our prize collection
    After reading and reporting on seven books – two prizes of your choice from our prize collection
    After reading and reporting on ten books – two more prizes and a pizza party!


    As an incentive for getting their work done quickly, students who have read and reported on four books before November 15 will be invited to a donut party.

    All students who read at least four books will be invited to a voting party during the school day in March with snacks and awards.


    Rams are Reading! titles 2022-2023




    Amari and the Night Brothers

    B. B. Alston

    Animorphs:  The Invasion

    Chris Grine


    Kenneth Oppel

    Front Desk*

    Kelly Yang

    Girl, Stolen

    April Henry

    Millionaires for the Month

    Stacy McAnulty

    New Kid

    Jerry Craft

    One for the Murphys*

    Linda Hunt


    Roland Smith

    Prisoner B-3087*


    Rain Reign*

    Ann Martin

    Roller Girl

    Victoria Jamieson

    The Shadow Club

    Neal Shusterman


    Pam Smy


    Gordon Korman


    * Also on the 2022-2023 Battle of the Books list