• Soccer ball on grass

    Physical Education incorporates many aspects of movement. The components include skilled movement, movement principles and concepts, personal fitness, responsible behaviors and physically active lifestyle. All grade levels have Standards of Learning that cover these components. These components are covered during the school year in PE class. It is important for students to have the opportunity to be physically fit and active. Studies have shown that children who are physically active on a regular basis have more self control and can concentrate better in the classroom.

  • Running Girl

    Please be sure to wear appropriate attire to allow for full participation in all Physical Education activities.

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  • Sneakers

    We ask that all students come to PE wearing sneakers. Sneakers should cover entire foot and properly fit so that they stay on when you are moving.

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    If yoactive feet active minds u need to sit out of PE class, please bring a note from your parent/guardian.If a student is sitting out for more than 3 class times, a physician’s note is required.The note should have the projected date for the student to return to activity.


    If a student has submitted a note stating they are unable to physically participate in physical education class due to injury or illness, then an alternative assignment will be completed during such class. This assignment will allow the child to remain engaged in the current PE lessons. 

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