• Welcome to Miss Skidmore's second grade class!


    I am extatic for the adventures that lies ahead for your child this year!  This classroom is going to be filled with laughter and lots of fun while learning.  My goal is to empower your child to be the best they can be!


    I want your child to embody the four main pillars of Hampton Oaks; respect, integrity, relentless, and kindness.  In my classroom the students will do their best to treat everyone the way they want to be treated (respect).  Your child will do what is right even when facing a tough decision (integrity).  They will push though and keep trying no matter how hard the challenge is (relentless), and lastly the students will strive to be freindly and courtious to their peers and the adults around them (kindness).


    My goal is to keep an open line of communication between the parents and I.  I look forward to sharing all of the achievements your child goes through throughout the school year!