• Hello students and families! I cannot wait to start out 2019-2020 school year and meet you all! Fourth grade is going to full of fun opportunities to learn and grow as a person and a learner! This year, to help everyone, including myself, stay organized, there will be some daily, weekly, and monthy routines in place to help set everyone up for success. Every day, students will fill out their agenda with any homework, messages, and upcoming events. Any homework assigned for that night should be found in the student's homework folder. Please check your student's agenda each night so that you are receiving all of the important information we have for you! I truly believe that it takes the commitment and support of the teacher, the student, and the parents/guardians in order to make for a successful year, so I want to communicate with you as much as I can. That being said, you may also contact me through email at borockn@staffordschools.net, telephone call to the school (540-658-6280), or written note. Please do not hesitate to contact me!

    I also ask that your student trys to read 20 minutes per night of a book of their choice. Reading is very important and exercising the brain through the practice of reading on a daily basis can aid in the development of your student's reading skills, such as vocabulary and comprehension. This will be monitored through a daily reading log to be filled out and signed, so we ask that you encourage your student to participate, as reading is very important in fourth grade! This will be monitored, but will not count towards any formal grade. To make it more fun, if your child does not want to read independently, he or she may read to you or you may read aloud to them. It is all about the exposure to literacy!

    Every week, on Friday, your student will bring home a folder that may include important papers about upcoming events or important information. If there is any new classroom information, this may also be included in this folder. Please look through these papers and look to see if anything needs to be signed and returned. Friday folders must be returned on Monday when the student returns to school. 

    Every month, a newsletter will be sent home with information regarding curriculum, important dates, and testing.

    I will update my website frequently as a way to communicate with you all as to what is going on in the classroom. 

    I am so excited to meet you all and get started! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I cannot wait to work with you and your child and have a great year in fourth grade!

    Strong Minds Strong Hearts Strong Effort