• Hello everyone! I miss you all very much and hope you are doing well! I am here for you during this hard time we have to endrue! 

    • Here are some awesome sites to keep your kiddos busy and review skills they have already learned.  Please know that you can reach out to me at gastonht@staffordschools.net or on classtag at any time that you need me! I am here for you all! 

      (1) www.getepic.com has been opened up FREE to keep them reading.  Their log in is bin5855 and they are used to using it daily.  There are little quizzes they can take on comprehension of the books. 
      (2) www.xtramath.org is another good site to practice their multiplication and division facts to keep them strong.  They will need my email address (gastonht@staffordschools.net) and their log in pin.  Please let me know if they have forgotten theirs. 
      (3)  www.solpass.org (user name: Moncure ES and password: bears) has great Math, Science, Reading, and Virginia Studies review games/practice. 
      (4) Dreambox is always a great Math site for them. 
      (5) Prodigy is a fun math game that they can play as well! 

      Again, I miss you all! Thank you for continuing to keep your child on top of their studies during this difficult time! Have a great day! 
      Mrs. Gaston/ Clinebell :) 
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