• Welcome to our awesome Kindergarten class!! I am SO excited to have your child in my class!


    I love this quote because my number one goal is to make sure your child feels loved and valued in my classroom. I believe students learn best in an enviornment where they feel safe, valued, and included. I value each child as an individual and cannot wait to get to know each one of my students and let them know how much I care for them! Together we will create one, big classroom family that looks out for one another. I will help make their learning fun and engaging and challenge them to grow as students. Kindergarten is a magical place where learning comes alive! Through hands-on activities, science expirements, engaging literature, and much more, my hope is that your child will love the adventure of learning!

    I look forward to working with each child and their family as a team for each student's success.

    Together we are better. 

    Love, Mrs. Summerlin

  • Be a RAINBOW in someone else's cloud

    -Maya Angelou