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    Hello, All-Stars! I'm so excited to be supporting you in your kindergarten and first grade classrooms!  We're all embarking on an adventure with our learning this year!  I can't wait to work with all of you!  Click on the link to view my welcome video! 




    Look for information to come about access to our newly-adopted series.


    DreamBox Learning - Practice a variety of math skills at your child's level

    1. Go to Moncure's Home page https://www.staffordschools.net/Domain/17

    2. Scroll to the bottom to "Students"

    3. Click the first link "Clever Login"

    4. Click "Log in with Google"

    5. Log in using your students "username" (lastnmefirstnamemiddleinitial NO SPACES @scps.net and "password" your child's birthdate MMDDYYYY (If you are unsure of what your students log in information is - message me on Class Tag or send me an email.)

    6. Once logged in, scroll to find the DreamBox icon (It is a blue and green "d")

    7. You are in! Enjoy your math learning - reminder that DreamBox should be completed INDEPENDENTLY!

    Social Studies

      Follow directions to access Clever. Click on the Five Ponds Press Icon.  User name is StaffordS and Password is 22554S.


    Follow directions to access Clever.  Click on the Think Central Icon.  User name and password is the same as your Google login WITHOUT scps.net.