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    Welcome parents, family, and friends to the

    2019-2020 school year!  

    Although our summer was short(ened) this year, I am eager to dive head first into all the excitement 3rd grade brings.  For those of you that came to Open House on Thursday, thank you!  For those who could not, that is okay!  All the information that we covered is included on our class brochure (click on link).  This brochure contains relevant information regarding the school year.

    If you have not visited our classroom yet, we would love to have you stop by.  Our classroom differs from your traditional classroom.  This is because we practice flexible seating.  To learn more on how flexible seating positively impacts learning, please refer to our flex seating flyer (click on link).  Flexible seating provides a strong foundation on which to build a cooperative, engaging, comfortable, and interactive learning environment.  I hope that you will come visit us and see for yourself!