• Hello, All!
    As we move through this new unknown, there is one thing that is certain- we are all in this together! Stay safe but have some fun doing it :).

    I will be available to you at anytime during the regular school hours. I will also respond to any emails I receive as quickly as I am able at any time. 


    Below are some resources offered by the county that I would like to make sure you are all aware of! I will update with more information as we receive it.

    Resource Packets:

    Stafford County has provided online resources and a learning packet on their website: https://www.staffordschools.net/Stafford

    For those without computer access, Widewater will have hard copies available during the grab 'n go meal times from 11-1 pm. Packets are available in 5 languages.

    Your child will still have access to Dreambox and I-Station as this is a program that will meet the needs of your student and provide differentiated instruction. 

    Important Note: These assignments are entirely optional and will not be graded.

    Grab N' Go Meal Information:

    Free Meals are only Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11-1pm @ Widewater Elementary - 101 Den Rich Road