• Welcome to Studnet Services! 


    I am very happy to be back at Widewater Elementary School this year. I joined our WES family last spring and its an honor to work with your sons and daughters. This year we will be working on improving English and Math skills, as well as, study skills. 


    This year Student Services will be in three different classrooms! 

    Grades K-1 (PST) Room 33

    Grades 2-3 Room 42

    Grades 4-5 Room 11 


    I will be located in room 11 please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at any grade level! I am excited to work with your family this year! 


    I look forward to a rewarding school year, 


    Samantha Lemmerman MsEd.

    Student Services

    Widewater Elememntary School