• Miss Gentile, Second Grade 

    I am very excited to be part of the Rocky Run team!  Although I am a new teacher, I have established a very student-centric philosophy through my education and student teaching experiences.


    • Learning is a journey. Unlike many journeys, there is no clear direction. The journey of every learner is very different and in order to be successful as a teacher, it is important that I realize this. 
    •  Learning is a two-way street. Collaboration and communication between the teacher and students are the cornerstones of success. Encouraging open dialogue within the classroom walls is vital. 
    • The learner is the most important part of the learning experience. Knowledge is constructed on a personal level, varying from individual to individual. The power of self is essential. 



    • Teaching is a form of art. Although it (typically!) lacks paint or brushes, teaching is truly artistic in nature. It requires creativity, patience and style. Like all art forms, with practices comes improvement. 
    • Teaching is reflective. Taking the time to assess myself routinely after teaching lessons is imperative to improvement. Thorough reflection is key to growth. 
    • To teach is to share. The act of teaching involves sharing my knowledge, my classroom and most importantly, my heart. Establishing strong relationships with my students goes a long way.