• Attendance  Administrative Assistant:

    Adriana Torres


    Email: anthonyburns_attendance@staffordschools.net


    Phone Number: 540-658-6800

    Hours of Operation:

    7:45 AM- 3:30 PM, Monday-Friday


    The Importance of School Attendance | Good Attendance = Good Student Success!!

    School Attendance is directly related to success in the classroom.



    Attendance Policies and Procedures:


    Reporting an Absence

    A note is required for any absence to be excused and must be turned in within 5 days of the student’s return.  You may report an absence through the online Student Absence/Tardy Reporting Form.

    •       There are now three types of absences:

    o   Excused – parent/guardian acknowledges student absence within 5 days of the student’s return to school with a written note or a submission on the online absence reporting portal.

    o   Unexcused Truancy – No communication has been received from the parent/guardian within 5 days of the student’s return to school.

    o   Unexcused Locally Defined – parent acknowledges absence through appropriate means of communication, however, it is a reason defined as unexcused in the SCPS code of conduct (i.e. vacation) or parent acknowledged the absence more than 5 days after the student returned to school. 

    •       Parent/guardian will receive a letter highlighting their attendance responsibilities at 5 unexcused truant absences.  If truancy continues to 10 unexcused truant absences, the parent/guardian will be required to conference with a member of the school's attendance team.  If truancy continues to be a problem, truancy intervention will be initiated by the Office of Attendance Services.
    •       If your student reaches 10% or more in absences (excused and unexcused) during the school year, you will be notified of their absences becoming excessive by a letter from the school principal.  If your student continues to miss school at a chronic rate (i.e. greater than 10%) you and your student will be referred to the ABES attendance team for support with chronic absenteeism. 

    We know there are a variety of reasons that students are absent from school, from health concerns to transportation challenges.  There are many people in our schools prepared to help you if you or your student face challenges in getting to school regularly or on time.  Please take a moment to become familiar with how your school prefers to communicate when your student is absent. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your student’s school for further guidance.  


    Early Dismissals

    Safety is our number one priority at Anthony Burns Elementary. Please help us to provide the most secure environment for your child. Children are never released to parents at the classroom door or allowed in the parking lot unattended. A picture ID must be shown when you are picking up your child. If a student needs to be picked up for an appointment, parents must send in a note to the office. We would prefer if you did not pick up in the office or call to change dismissal after 2:15 pm. Parents should notify the office earlier in the day or the previous day to ensure a safe dismissal for all students. ​If there is someone other than a parent picking up a child, then a note from the parent must be provided confirming a pick-up by a relative or older sibling.