• Growing Up Gentlemen is a mentorship program developed right here at Widewater Elementary designed to help children prevent and/or identify present problems/challenges while exploring means to resolve and assist in the prevention of future problems.  It is important to teach children in their early years how to deal with everyday choices and the appropriateness of decisions before things become more serious or complicated in later years. Therefore, Widewater Elementary is leading a fifth grade gentleman's group to teach and reinforce what it looks like to be Growing Up Gentlemen in this day and age.

    This group will meet once a month (8 times) from September through April during the school day. Students involved will miss one special (art, pe, music and library) per month from 10:25 – 11:15 a.m. for leadership, mentorship and team skill building with a core focus in G.U.G. principles.


    The Core G.U.G. Principles: 






    To participate…Boys will be required to wear: (this is only required on the actual day of group)

    • Brown/Kakhi pants
    • White button down shirt
    • Belt
    • Tie 


    *We also, gratefully accept any donations of the above listed clothing items for our Wildcat G.U.G. participants. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. 


    Mr. Nunnally (5th grade teacher) and community male partners (watch dogs etc.) will lead the GUG participants!



    Calendar/Schedule for Group


    August 16th- Interest meeting 

    September 3rd- Tuesday

    Lesson One – Introduction, building rapport, handshaking, eye contact & what does it mean to be a GUG?


    October 7th - Monday

    Lesson Two – Manners & Etiquette, Tying a Tie, Chair Pulling/Door Holding


    November 4th – Monday

    Lesson Three – Goal Setting 


    December 2nd - Monday

    Lesson Four – Communication & Respect


    January 13th – Monday

    Lesson Five – Ethics and Values 


    February 3rd - Monday

    Lesson Six – Respect Activity


    March 2nd - Monday

    Lesson Six – Moving Forward Lesson, T-Shirts


    April 6th– Monday

    Lesson Seven – Leadership, Team Building SOL prep talk