• Hello Timberwolves!



    Student directions for virtual middle school: 

    Day 1: At 9:55, log in to your @scps.net account. 

    1. Go to the waffle and scroll down to the Canvas icon. 
    2. Click on Canvas and go to your Dashboard. On your dashboard, you will see all of your courses. 
    3. Look at your schedule and find your 1st block or 1X course. 
    4. Click on the Canvas course that matches the class on your schedule. You will go to your teacher’s homepage. 
    5. At the bottom of the home page, you will see 6 boxes, or “buttons.” 
    6. Directly above those buttons, you will see a link and a Nickname/Code. Copy the code, then click on the link--it should take you to Meet.Google.com. 
    7. Click on Join a Meet, then paste the code you copied from the home page. This will take you into your virtual class to meet your teacher and classmates. 


    Repeat those steps for each class period.