What is the Barnyard?

    The Barnyard is the new location of the outdoor main office and classrooms.  We wanted to stop calling them trailers or learning cottages.  Every farm needs a Barnyard:)

    Who is located in the Barnyard?

    • Mrs. Baker, Miss Forrest, Mrs. Kucala, Mrs. Roberts, and Mrs. Sparico's 3rd-grade classrooms.
    • Our SEC conference room has been relocated to one of the classrooms.  When conferences are not scheduled and to decrease students traveling in and out of the Barnyard, half of this classroom will be set up for our 3rd-grade students to receive small group instruction and interventions. 
    • Mrs. McFarland will have her resource room located in one of the classrooms.
    • Our math coach, math paras, and ITRT are all sharing a classroom.  Mrs. Covert, Mrs. Wolfenbarger, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Young will be in that classroom.  There is a possibility that we will also move the CTT outside.
    • Our main office is now located outside of the 4th/5th-grade doors.  Mrs. Colucci, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Gresko, and Mrs. Kearns will be in the outside office and Mr. Freeman is inside located at the end of the 4th/5th grade hallway.  

    Where is the main office located during the renovation?

    You will turn at the baseball field and the office is located outside the 4th/5th-grade doors.  You will notice a large metal ramp and a smaller ramp outside of the office. To enter the office, you will walk up the ramp and Mrs. Gresko or Mrs. Little will be there to greet you and provide assistance.  Occasionally, Mrs. Kearns may step in to help. 

    Where can Eagle Families park during the school day?

    There are 4 designated parking spots near the new main office. We will make sure substitute staff leave the spots open for our families to use.  If the spots are full you will need to park in the parking lot near the car rider line and walk back to the main office.


    My child goes to the SACC program.  Where do I now drop off and pick up?

    Currently, we are not changing the pickup and drop off area for SACC.  However, changes may occur by the end of January 2020.

    Is there asbestos in the area being renovated? 

    Asbestos was found in the glue behind the 1955 slate chalkboards and art room VCT tile. Prior to any renovation being initiated, all asbestos was abated and the air quality tested.  On December 26th, we received confirmation that we were able to begin working within this area.