Welcome to North Stafford High School!

Welcome to North Stafford High School

Military Families: Planning Your Arrival to North Stafford High School

Preparing Your Move

  • To prepare for your move to our locality and high school, review A Military Family's Guide to School Transitions.  This guide will assist in transitioning your child(ren) to our new high school.  In addition, our high school has a school counselor that is the designated point of contact for military families.  Sonya Smith coordinates student events for our military students throughout the school year.  You can reach out to Suzanna Erlichman at (540) 658-6150, or erlichmansl@staffordschools.net.


    In addition, you can also utilize the Marine Corps Community Services Quantico (MCCS) School Liaison Program.  Their services assist with coordinating community resources for military families that impact the lifestyle of school-aged children.

Military Families: Preparing your Move from North Stafford High School

Academic Planning for Military Families

  • Graduation Requirements

  • Special Education

Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children

School's Military Connected Supports/Events/Activities

  • We Care - Military Support Group

  • Meet and Greet

  • North Nation Ambassadors

  • Purple Up Day

Other Matters of Importance