• Dixon-Smith families,

    Online course registration for the 2020-2021 school year concluded on Sunday, May 3rd.  However, we realize that many families arrive to our community during summer months and need help registering for classes.  Please review the information included here and contact your counselor for information and assistance in the enrollment and registration process.

    Many courses, including English language arts, physical education, science and social studies are determined in advance based on grade level.  Math placement is determined by the course completed this school year or, for rising 6th grade, SCPS recommendation.  Courses in these content areas are automatically assigned.

    Grade 8 English is an exception, as students may choose an Extended version.  That course, as well as world languages, which are offered separately, are options in the registration process.  These courses are well suited to students who are very successful and interested in language arts and who enjoy additional challenge.

    Students are asked to select the top 10 elective courses they would like to take.  While no requests are guaranteed, careful consideration of choices assures the best opportunity to get preferred courses.  Parents and students are advised to review the Program of Studies together.  Making an ordered list of preferences before speaking with your counselor is recommended.

    Please note that world languages, band, orchestra, and chorus are year-long courses.  All other elective options are one semester (18 weeks) in length.   Some students may require an additional reading or math course in place of an elective.  In such cases, families will be notified before the start of the school year.


    Ms. Tiffany Donadi
    Students with Last Names A-J

    Mrs. Shawn Addo
    Students with last names K–Z