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Mrs. Jacke Mumpower

Hello Everyone! 

My name is Anne Jacqueline Mumpower. I go by my nickname: Jacke. There is no "i" in my name and it gets very confusing!

I want to share a little about myself since I am new in the Garrisonville halls. Please bear with me as I like to talk and write, but I feel the more I share the better you get to know me.

I am not new to teaching and have been an educator for 25 years. This year will mark my 26th year as a teacher! It is hard to believe.

In 1995, I started my career in Caroline County Virginia at Bowling Green Primary School, and , in the year 2000  I moved to Stafford Elementary School in Stafford County. My experience has included 1st through 5th grades. Everyone asks if I have a favorite grade to teach. My philosophy is that it doesn't matter what grade I teach, curriculum will change, but students need the same thing. No matter what grade, my job is to help students find out how they learn and what their gifts are. My goal is to fill their suitcase of strategies so that they are prepared for whatever comes their way. So, my answer to the question, what is your favorite grade to teach? I don't have one! (However, I have spent most of my years in 4th and have come to LOVE it!) 

Along with curriculum, connections and relationships are important! A classroom community that supports, accepts, and includes all, is a high prority of mine. We will be together a long time (180 days) in a crucial part of a child's development. We have a purpose for being together.  Building relationships and strategies for life long learning and positive citizenship is key to our success as a class.

My home has always been Virginia. I was born in Wesmoreland County and later attended Shepherd College in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. I met my wonderful husband there and we decided to make our home in the Fredericksburg area. We share a FANTASTIC 19 year old son named Jakob. He is on the autistic spectrum and just graduated from Mountain View High School in July! I cannot believe he's ready for college. I share that he is on the autistic spectrum because much of who I am as a person and teacher has been enhanced by him. 

My classroom theme revolves around my son Jakob. Some of you will wonder why in the world Mrs. Mumpower loves Monster Trucks and has them all over our classroom!? I REALLY DO LOVE THEM! To make a long beautiful story short, my son was nonverbal until he was 3. We watched a show on tv called, Monster Jam. Maybe some of you have seen it? Jakob's first sentence he spoke was, "Who's ready for Monster Jam?" (He was repeating what the announcer on the show said.) Since he was into the show and the trucks we decided to foster this new found speech! We have gone to many monster truck shows because of this. We've used the shows as a way to get him to talk even more! We have met many drivers of the trucks, announcers of the shows, been on tv, and have even been invited to the headquarters of Monster Jam in Florida to take a tour! He is on a first name basis with many of the drivers, and he even wants to work in the field someday!  Needless to say, whenever your child has a love of something, you follow it, foster it, and support it.  Monster Trucks have given my son a voice and, for that reason, I will forever love the family friendly sport. We have been fans for 16 years and counting.  I have soooooo many stories that I love to share and I use Monster Trucks in my teaching, too. I look forward to telling some to my new GATORS!  There's is even an ALLIGATOR themed Monster Truck that I will include in our decor! Be looking for it!

Thanks for reading all of this so far. I hope you have gained a glimpse about me. My passion is teaching and kids. I have missed them so much during our time of quaratine and look forward to getting back to what I like to do best....teach. 

Oh...I do love history, math, shopping, iced coffee, biographies, cowboy boots, traveling, the OBX, DISNEY, fast cars and racing, and I have three dachshunds that keep me busy, too.... but those are all stories for another day.....

Looking so much forward to a fantastic year!