• A note from your former Nurse- Filippa Unger,

    With the beginning any new school year, there are always changes. After the “interesting” year and a half that we have all experienced, I know that we all look forward to a lot more of “normal” in our lives. One change that I would like to tell you about is that, after being a member of the Forge family for the past 20 years (11 of them full time as your School Nurse), I have made the decision to retire. This was not an easy decision, but my family and especially my grandchildren, would like to spend a lot more time with me. It saddens me that I was unable to inform you all of this in person, given this year’s circumstances, and I apologize for that. It saddens me even more that I was not able to see my Forge kids one last time.

    I am confident that I am leaving your children in the hands of some very competent and wonderful new people. This year, in addition to your new School Nurse, there will be an LPN to help her care for your children. Your new Nurse is Cristina Silkey. She is new to the area and is coming from Minnesota. Her LPN assistant is Kitty Daniels, who has worked in the county schools for several years. The clinic Administrative Assistant will continue to be Leslie Cardwell, who has been my right hand these past three years. They will work together to provide your children with the best care. Thank you for the trust you have placed in me throughout the years and for the opportunity to care for your children. It has been an honor and a privilege. I will miss all of my Forge kids so very much. They will have my heart always.

    Wishing all of you a wonderful new school year.

    Your former School Nurse,
    Filippa Unger