1. Nurse Assessment of possible contagious condition or risk to health
    2. Temperature > or = to 100 degrees within 24 hours with no fever-reducing medications
    3. Active vomiting within 24 hours
    4. Recurring diarrhea within 24 hours
    5. Swollen or painful joints from injury
    6. Severe earaches (pain) or  chronic cough
    7. Suspected contagious disease (Using the Communicable Disease Reference Chart for School Personnel Control of Communicable Diseases Manual APHA 19th Edition).
      • Chicken pox - return 5-7 days after first eruption.
      • Conjunctivitis - associated with itchiness or purulent drainage.  Return after 24 hours of treatment or when purulent drainage stops.
      • Pediculosis - return after treatment.
      • Flu or viral symptoms
      • Scabies - return after 24 hours of treatment.
      • Impetigo- return after treatment begun.  May require covering area.
      • Tinea of the Skin - return after treatment initiated. Requires covering area at school.
      • Tinea of the Scalp - physician note required and required oral treatment initiated.
    8. Any nose discharge that is green or yellow (particularly preschool) and unable to be contained or personally cared for.
    9. Any undiagnosed skin rashes at the nurse’s discretion.
    10. Any injury or illness requiring further immediate treatment
    11. Antibiotic treatment of less than 24 hours treatment and possibility that student may be communicable to others
    12. Suspected substance abuse (drug, alcohol)