Our Logo and Name

  • Stafford High School Logo The local native nation is the Patawomeck Tribe.  They are an active, resident local body in Stafford County.

     The public representative at the time was Chief (Two Eagles), Robert Green. Green is a Clearview Heights resident who attended Stafford High School (SHS), as is typical of many of the current Patawomeck members. Falmouth and SHS alumni and attendees are heavily represented in the adult and minor membership of the tribe.

     Stafford County Public Schools (SCPS) approached the Patawomeck nation with an inquiry about their views on the use of the Indian name during the rebuild of our high school.  This resulted in a 250-0 vote on behalf of the Patawomeck nation in support of SHS keeping the Indian name and the redesigned logo.  Green conveyed that the word "tribe" actually strongly favors the Indian name and will take issue with any proposed change to it. 

     Nicholas Candella, an art teacher, designed a new image in the likeness of that presented by the Indian Nation.  SHS colors are featured in the graphic, with a bit of red used.