• Behind the Wheel Program 2020-21


    Prerequisites for taking Behind the Wheel

    1. Must have taken and passed classroom Drivers Education Course
    2. Must have learner’s permit
    3. Attend a Student/Parent Meeting - Partnership for Safe Teen Driving (Meetings will be virtual beginning November. Link will be posted when it becomes available)
    4. At least 5-10 hours of driving experience prior to sign up

     The Behind the Wheel Class

    In order for the student to be enrolled in the class, the student must also be taking a 10th grade PE class, an elective PE for 11th and 12th grades or be an office aide.

    To be enrolled students will need to follow the BTW sign up form link above and fill out the information sheet.

    Cost of the class is $225 (cash, check or pay online. For online payments follow this link CJ005-115). 

    The length of the course is 7 school days, 50 minutes per day.  

    Please contact Drivers Education Coordinator or Drivers education instructors if you have any questions:

    Steve Cassiday: Cassidaysk@staffordschools.net

    Andrew deToll: detolla@staffordschools.net

    Matt Waite: waitemm@staffordschools.net




    Your Students Issue Date________               Your Student is Eligible on this date_____________

    1. Your student may pick up their PDL at MVHS after they have held their permit for 9 months.
    2. Parent or guardian must come in with the student to pick up the PDL.  The parent/guardian will also sign the PDL and put their license # on it.
    3. Student must have the completed 45 hour driving log & 1-30 check list & learners permit with them.  Please pull the 1-30 checklist pages and the 45 hour log pages out of the workbook and staple them together.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    PDL’s will be issued on MONDAYS ONLY from 8:30-9:30 am on the curb at the P.E. and weight room entrance doors (Door #16). Please remain in the car at all times and we will come out to you.

    Please email Mr. deToll (detolla@staffordschools.net) or Mr. Waite (waitemm@staffordschools.net) to notify them the time the parent and student will be arriving.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  *If you will be picking up your PDL in the summer months, call the MVHS office at 658-6840 to ask about what time and day to come in.