With the internationally recognized AP Capstone Diploma Program, study topics of your choice and stand out in the college admissions process!

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    AP Capstone Virtual Presentation Night from January 2021

    AP Capstone in a Nutshell

    Since 2016, CFHS has offered the innovative AP Capstone Diploma Program. AP Capstone is based on two yearlong courses, AP Seminar and AP Research, both of which are designed to complement other AP classes students may take.  Not only does the two-course program offer a rigorous course of study, it is internationally recognized, helps students stand out in the college admissions process, and gives students the opportunity to explore issues of their choosing. AP Seminar and AP Research are interdisciplinary AP electives which teach students skills such as critical thinking, argumentation, research, collaboration, and time managment - all skills which are needed for college-level work. 

    How Does the Diploma Program Work?Chart

    Students take two courses, AP Seminar and AP Research, along with ANY other four AP courses of their choice. Students who earn a passing score on the AP exams will receive the internationally recognized AP Capstone Diploma.

    The AP Capstone Difference

    Because AP Capstone is cross-curricular, skills learned in the courses transfer to other AP classes students are taking.  In fact, College Board data indicates that taking AP Seminar alone correlates to improved AP scores on other AP exams!

    AP Exam Performance

    Taking AP Capstone at CFHS

    AP Capstone is not a day school or a sub-school; it allows students the freedom to take other classes they wish to take or participate in other programs. Students may take the first course, AP Seminar, beginning sophomore or junior year, and take AP Research junior or senior year.  Seniors may take AP Seminar as a stand-alone AP elective. Although the courses are AP electives, they are housed in the English Department at CFHS.  AP Capstone is open to ALL students, and there is no application process.  Students in CGS, STAT, and other programs are welcome to take AP Capstone, too.

    Contact: For more information, please contact your guidance counselor or Mrs. Spicer, the AP Capstone teacher, at spicerlc@staffordschools.net