• This year, all families will receive a car rider number to use throughout their time at GES. This number will remain with your family year after year. Families will receive 2 hangtags for their cars with the number. We will place a tag on each Gator's backpack on the first day of school with their car rider number. Please leave this tag on your Gator's backpack for the entire year. We will collect the numbers on the last day of school to reissue next year.

    Arrival will take place daily from 8:05am-8:20am. Dismissal will take place daily from 2:55pm-3:10pm. Please see the map below to line up in our car rider line. Please note that this is a change from previous years. As our Gator family grows, it is important that we do not back up onto Choptank so that we do not block buses and other traffic.

    Please enter through the main entrance at Wood Drive. Then, take the first left to drive along the tree line. Loop through the parking lot by the library, and drive past the playground to the access road. Then, take a right on the access road to pick up/drop off behind the building.

    Car Rider Map