• Why choose a trade or technical school?

    Vocational, Trade, & Technical Schools are places that can help you train for jobs that require a
    particular educational experience or where you can learn specific technical skills.

    Click HERE for some important questions to consider when thinking about going to a trade
    school to help you determine if this pathway is for you.

    Are you interested in learning which trade school are out there? Click HERE for an article from
    Forbes magazine outlining the top 25 trade schools.

    Click HERE to find a great trade school that fits your needs! Click HERE to review opportunities
    in Career and Technical Education.


    What is an apprentice?

    Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can develop
    and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, classroom
    instruction, and a portable, nationally-recognized credential.

    Explore Apprenticeship programs at Germanna

    Community College: What is it, and is it for you?

    Examples are Germanna Community College and NOVA (Northern Virginia Community


    • Public college that’s close to home
    • Offers 2-year associate’s degrees, certificate programs, and career training at a cheaper price tag. How much does it cost?
    • Have Guaranteed Admissions Agreements with many 4 year colleges

    Money for College

    1st Step: Submit your FAFSA. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®)

    2nd Step: Research and apply for scholarships. Scholarships can be found in Naviance and on
    many websites.

    Reminder! SCHOLARSHIPS

    • To apply to scholarships, there are multiple ways to do so. The first step is to check
      Naviance for a complete list of scholarships available to SCPS students.
      • Log into Naviance using the google waffle in your school email account. Click on
        “Colleges” in the top right corner, and go down to “Scholarships and Money.” This
        is where you will see the complete list. Take note of the requirements for applying to
        each one and make sure you fit the criteria.
      • Talk to your parents/guardians and grandparents, or other family members, and see
        what organizations they belong to. Check with their employers, your employer, and
        even sometimes your bank for any scholarship opportunities offered.
      • Check online, but be careful! These might not have been vetted by SCPS. You also
        should never have to pay money to apply to a scholarship.

    AMAZING RESOUCE: Please review this guide for information on colleges, financial aid, and a
    general checklist. Click HERE for the Opportunities Booklet.