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    Here is an opportunity for you and your family to have some fun with mathematics and to learn about just a few of the ways that mathematics is integrated into our everyday lives!  Each day of the week during the month of April a different mathematics activity will be available for you to work through.

    • Mondays - Estimation is a higher-level skill that requires students to be able to conceptualize and mentally manipulate numbers 
    • Tuesdays - Learn about famous mathematicians and their contributions
    • Wednesdays - Solve a challenging mathematics problem and share out how you solved it.  Are there different ways that the problem can be solved?
    • Thursdays - Solve various number puzzles that emphasize the relationships that occur within mathematics.
    • Fridays - Play some fun mathematics games as a family.
    • Saturdays - Explore some STEM activities that connect mathematics with science, technology, and engineering.
    • Sundays - Learn about various careers that utilize mathematics.