ITRT's lead teaching and learning through the use of digital tools that support collaboration, creation, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation.

     To this extent we will:  

    • Assist teachers in implementing curriculum plans that include methods and strategies for use of digital tools to maximize student learning
    • Collaborate with administrators, teachers and students to select appropriate digital resources aligned with learning outcomes
    • Increase student learning and performance by assisting staff in the utilization of a variety of assessments to inform instruction
    • Model appropriate integration strategies in classroom instruction
    • Lead the school's digital learning committee
    • Model and promote digital citizenship
    • Facilitate learning to create creative and inquisitive learners
    • Provide support to help teachers disaggregate, interpret, and use data to plan, improve, and differentiate instruction.
    • Design and facilitate high quality professional learning by coaching teachers in applying new skills and fostering their leadership to support school and district integration; and,
    • Create a district climate that promotes personalized professional learning for all.