• 1. You may send an email to school_board_members@lists.staffordschools.net, or contact individual Board members. Visit this page for more details.

    2. You may, with parent/guardian permission, speak at a School Board meeting. Please view this website for further details regarding citizen's comments.

    Some tips:

    • Being a School Board member involves making a lot of decisions, and rarely making everyone happy all of the time. Be sure to thank them for the work they do!
    • Keep your communication polite and professional. Begin emails with "Dear School Board Members" and end with "Sincerely," or "Thank you for your consideration."
    • If you decide to speak at a meeting, present yourself professionally and make sure your comments are within the time limit (3 minutes). It's a good idea to write what you want to say and practice it a few times!
    • As citizens of Stafford County, your opinion matters.