• Welcome to MUSIC at the Farm! 

              Elementary music includes experience in singing, playing instruments, dance/movement, playing games, music literacy, listening skills, music history, working as a team and understanding the role of music in our society.  My goal is to give students a solid foundation in music on which they can build in their musical futures in a fun, safe, creative setting.  Music theory includes learning to read, write and play rhythms and pitch on various instruments and through singing. 


         Super Singers is a chorus that is open to all 4th and 5th grade students.  We work on singing and choral skills.  Instrumental Ensemble is open to 5th grade students by audition.  We play xylophones, recorders, drums and various percussion instruments.  Look for information coming out in September.


         Each month, individual grade level music activities will be in the school newsletter.  So if you would like to know what your children are learning in music, check it out!