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    Hello and Welcome. We hope our site will keep you informed as to what your child will be doing during their participation in PE. Our goal is to build knowledgeable and healthy students who will stay active for a lifetime. We use a variety of activities to keep students interested and motivated in exercise to ensure our students are getting the maximum benefits of physical education.   


    Here are a few important things we want to share with you concerning PE at FFES:


    Ferry Farm Students should:

    • Try their best
    • Wear tennis shoes and proper P. E. attire
    • Cooperate with others
    • Be safe in all of their actions
    • Help their fellow students
    • Be polite and respect teachers and students


    PE Rules:

    • Be quiet when entering and leaving the gym area
    • Respect all indoor and outdoor P. E. equipment
    • Food, drinks, gum and candy do not enter the gym area
    • Wear tennis shoes and proper P. E. attire when participating
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself
    • Always show great sportsmanship
    • Do not leave the gym area without permission from a teacher
    • Respect others
    • "Whistle" - stop - look – listen
    • "Hand clap" - stop - look - listen


    Illness and injuries:

     Parents, please send a signed note by you or your child’s doctor stating whether your child should be completely exempt or allowed limited participation in P.E.






    Kids Heart Challenge



    We had 62 students attend our Kids Heart Challenge event.  We earned $3886 for the American Heart Association.  We would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to Mrs. Kies, Mrs. Sigmon and Mr. Shumanski for helping us with the event.  We would also like to thank all of the parents who sent in healthy snacks for our students - they were very appreciative.  Thank you!! 

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  •  karate  karate 2

    We had 27 students participate this year. Mr. Hampton again generously donated his time and expertise to support our school.  We earned $540 for our school.  We were able to purchase 30 small plaground balls, 48 soft hockey pucks and 36 hockey sticks with the money. Thank you so much for your support.    

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  • Washington Capitals Fitness Challenge

    This year, students in third grade are participating in the Washington Capitals Fitness Challenge.  Students participate in 5 challenges:  Body Squats, Sit Ups, Jumping Jacks, Push Ups and the Mile Run.  All students participating receive a wristband. If students pass the challenge by the standards given, they receive a Capitals logo charm to attach to their wristband so each student can earn up to 5 logo charms.  If you would like more information on the challenge go to:  WashingtonCaps.com/fitnesscap challenge

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  • February Students of the Month

    This year we are giving out special stickers of the day to kindergarten and first grade students in leiu of the student of the month awards.  This enables more students to get recognized in those grade levels.


    2nd Grade:

    Payne - Addyson O'Brien

    Lewis - Arriyah Taylor-Lynch

    Copas - Devin Rodriguez

    McGowan - Lane Eagleton and Madison Lee

    Humphrey - Damion Poole

    3rd Grade:

    Alley - Kira Hall and Bella Miller

    Forrest -Jadyn Gilley

    Sparico - Adrian Ayala Iraheta

    Baker - Leilani Smith

    Kucala - Isaiah Austin

    4th Grade:

    Velardi -Rachel Larkin

    Byers - Katelyn Cardona

    Newton - Eliana Newton and Clara Barcas

    Covert - Madison Pulliam

    Dodd - Austin Lee

    5th Grade:

    Roberts - Joseph Belk

    Sloan - Maxwell DiPace

    Valera - Rachel Adel and Layne Dickinson

    Bodnarchuk - Jacob Thompson



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    We have a new Fitness Record Board in our new gym.  We will give students opportunities during the year to try to break records and get their name on the board.  If your name is already there, we'd love for you to come in and get your picture taken with it so we can put it into our photo gallery on our webpage.award board

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  • NEW GYM!

    This summer our gym received a complete overhaul.  We have great new floors.  The walls have been painted and sound boards have been installed.  It looks amazing.  Please stop by to see it.gym

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    We have so many people to thank for helping to make our field day a success.

    • All of our wonderful volunteers who gave their time to run stations.
    • Our terrific PTA for our student favorite:  The Kona Ice!
    • Our terrific PTA for providing pizza for our volunteers for lunch.
    • Everyone who provided ICE, cups and coolers to keep our students hydrated.
    • UMW Tennis for lending water coolers.
    • Sheetz for providing cookies, water and chips for our volunteers for lunch.
    • Gerry Young for donating straw bales.
    • Mr. Jaeger and Ms. Greenslade for helping to set up.
    • All the volunteers for helping to clean up.
    • All of our teachers for "going with the flow" all day long.
    • Mrs. Montrief, Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Young, Mr. Jaeger and others for helping all day long.
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  • Thank You Running Club Volunteers


    We want to thank all of our wonderful volunteers for helping with our running club.  We had over 40 students in our morning club and about 110 students in our afternoon club.  We couldn't have so many students attend without your help.  We truly appreciate your willingness to give of your time. 




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  • We are in need of empty pringles cans.  If it is something you eat and don't use the cans, please donate them to PE.  We use them for bowling and target activities.  Thank you.pringles can

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  • train race picture We can't thank everyone enough for coming out to support our Ferry Farm Runners.  We had over 100 students particpate and we won 1st place for participation again which comes with a $500 prize.  We also received a glass trophy for first place.   It is such a joy to see our runners faces light up when they hear all of us cheering them on.  All of our students had their personal best times.  We are so proud of their efforts.

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  • exercise

    The state of Virginia will no longer use the Presidential Physical Fitness test for testing students in physical fitness. As of 2006, the state of Virginia will use the FITNESSGRAM for student assessment in physical education.   The following assessments from the FITNESSGRAM will be administered to our students: Curl-ups, Push-ups, Pacer, Trunk lift and back saver sit and reach. For more information, click here: Fitness Gram website. or http://www.presidentialyouthfitnessprogram.org/resources/index.shtml

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  • fitness

    SCPS has purchased a program that allows you to track your child's Physical Fitness Scores.  The scores will follow your child through high school.  You can go to the site below and look at your child's scores then you and your child can set goals for the year.  You will only see your own child's scores.  To log in, the USERNAME is your child's ID number (testing #) and the PASSWORD is his/her last name exactly as it appears.  If you need your child's ID number, please contact us for it.   We look forward to seeing what goals everyone sets for themselves.


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  • Sheetz


    We would like to thank Ferry Farm Sheetz for providing chips, drinks and cookies for lunch for our wonderful Field Day Volunteers.  We appreciate their partnership with Ferry Farm Elementary.  Their generosity is truly appreciated.


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