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    Hello and Welcome. We hope our site will keep you informed as to what your child will be doing during their participation in PE. Our goal is to build knowledgeable and healthy students who will stay active for a lifetime. We use a variety of activities to keep students interested and motivated in exercise to ensure our students are getting the maximum benefits of physical education.   


    Here are a few important things we want to share with you concerning PE at FFES:


    Ferry Farm Students should:

    • Try their best
    • Wear tennis shoes and proper P. E. attire
    • Cooperate with others
    • Be safe in all of their actions
    • Help their fellow students
    • Be polite and respect teachers and students


    PE Rules:

    • Be quiet when entering and leaving the gym area
    • Respect all indoor and outdoor P. E. equipment
    • Food, drinks, gum and candy do not enter the gym area
    • Wear tennis shoes and proper P. E. attire when participating
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself
    • Always show great sportsmanship
    • Do not leave the gym area without permission from a teacher
    • Respect others
    • "Whistle" - stop - look – listen
    • "Hand clap" - stop - look - listen


    Illness and injuries:

     Parents, please send a signed note by you or your child’s doctor stating whether your child should be completely exempt or allowed limited participation in P.E.


    Free Day in PE:

    Second grade through fifth grade classes have the opportunity to earn a free day in PE class.  To earn the free day, as a class, students earn 15 x's.  An X is earned by everyone in the class wearing the proper shoes, everyone in the class participates, and everyone in the class displays good behavior.


  • We had 115 students sign up for the  Great Train Race which helped us to win first place for participation and $500 for our school. Thank you for coming out on a Sunday morning to support our students and our school.  We had a beautiful day and all of our students finished their race.  We enjoy watching former and current Ferry Farm students run.

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  • Thank you Mr. Hampton for generously giving of your time and expertise to help our PE department.  We had 30 students sign up for the After- School Karate class.  Thank you parents for your support!

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  • exercise

    The state of Virginia will no longer use the Presidential Physical Fitness test for testing students in physical fitness. As of 2006, the state of Virginia will use the FITNESSGRAM for student assessment in physical education.   The following assessments from the FITNESSGRAM will be administered to our students: Curl-ups, Push-ups, Pacer, Trunk lift and back saver sit and reach. For more information, click here: Fitness Gram website. or http://www.presidentialyouthfitnessprogram.org/resources/index.shtml

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  • labels in education


    We are continuing to participate in the Labels for Education program so keep sending in your labels for education.  We have purchased gator balls, skip-its, stop watches, and foam balls with our points.  For more information about the program, to find out which labels qualify, or to track how many points FFES has banked you may go to: http://www.labelsforeducation.com/My-School

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  • fitness

    SCPS has purchased a program that allows you to track your child's Physical Fitness Scores.  The scores will follow your child through high school.  You can go to the site below and look at your child's scores then you and your child can set goals for the year.  You will only see your own child's scores.  To log in, the USERNAME is your child's ID number (testing #) and the PASSWORD is his/her last name exactly as it appears.  If you need your child's ID number, please contact us for it.   We look forward to seeing what goals everyone sets for themselves.


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  • bridge

    We want to extend a huge thank you to Chris Lynn. Mr. Lynn donated his time and expertise to build our school a great bridge to connect our two outdoor fields. This allows our school flexibility for special events as well as for our PE classes. Mr. Lynn you are always an eagle in our hearts.

    The bridge was used during the Eagle Flight Run on Friday, November 13.

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  • white board


    We want to thank Chris Innocenti of Jungle Boys for his constant support of our PE program. Mr. Innocenti has donated various equipment to our school and purchased a new white board so we can post the day's activities and goals.

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  • runners

    We are so proud of all of our students who came out in the rain and represented our school so well. We had over 115 students run in the race. All of our students finished the race, almost all of them ran their fastest mile time ever, many came in the top 10 in their age groups, and Ally H. broke the record for 7 year old girls with a time of 6:48. Unfortunately, there was not a school participation award this year due to the inability to obtain a sponsor for the award. Thank you to Mr. Freeman and our teachers, parents and students who came out and supported our Ferry Farm runners.


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  • field day

    We want to thank all of our amazing volunteers who gave their time to make the day a success for our students. We couldn't do it without you!

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  • Sheetz


    We would like to thank Ferry Farm Sheetz for providing lunch for our wonderful Field Day Volunteers.  We appreciate their partnership with Ferry Farm Elementary.  Their generosity is truly appreciated.


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