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    Thank you for visiting the Focus website for Anthony Burns Elementary. Focus is the gifted education program at ABES. I meet with identified gifted students weekly, and when we return to face to face learning sponsor several enrichment activities for higher learners at ABES. I also provide resources to assist classroom teachers with enrichment and differentiation.  I am delighted to be able to work with students and teachers to make learning enjoyable, and respectfuly challenging.  


    FOCUS Classes 2020-21:  Google Meet code ABFOCUS



    B:  9:20-10:05:    3rd grade.                   

    B:  10:15-11:00: 4th grade.                  

    B:  11:10-11:55:  5th grade    




    A:  9:20-10:05:  3rd grade

    A:  10:15-11:00: 4th grade

    A:  11:10-11:55: 3rd grade  



    10:15-10:45: 2nd grade    






    Parents considering referring their child for Focus or wish to know more about the Focus program should contact me to set up a conference. All referrals for Focus identification need to be submitted by February 1, 2021.