Mission & Vision Statements of AGWMS
  • Mission statement: 

    Andrew G. Wright Middle School staff will ensure the social, emotional, and academic success of every child.

    Vision statement:

    • A school which provides focused, dedicated, and appropriately staffed academic programs for enrichment and remediation.

    • A school where collaboration among educators occurs regularly to discuss curriculum topics and successful problem solving strategies to better engage our students in order to promote and generate higher levels of student success within all classrooms.

    • A school which utilizes the writing process to develop and strengthen written language across the curriculum.

    • A school which challenges students to solve rigorous mathematical tasks within a collaborative environment. Students will apply mathematical concepts to sustain life long numeracy skills.

    • A school which challenges students and staff to utilize current trends in technology to benefit all students. 

    • A school which offers equal opportunities to all of its citizens, by creating the conditions necessary for all students to learn the skills, knowledge and values that will empower them towards a successful future.

    • A school where the fundamentals of good citizenship and service-learning are modeled, taught, fostered, and recognized.