Summer school registration begins on Monday, April 25th.  Students can register for classes through Virtual Virginia or through Stafford County Public Schools.  Information and links to registration are as follows:
    SCPS HS Learning Opportunities - Information on the summer school program through Stafford County Public Schools
    New Credit Summer Registration - SCPS - Please complete if you wish to take a core credit/course you have not yet taken.
    Credit Recovery Summer Registration - SCPS - Please complete if you wish to take a core course that you have previously failed or if you did not master the material in a particular core course.
    Virtual Virginia Summer Course Information - Information on the Virtual Virginia learning platform which is another option for summer school learning.
    Virtual Virginia Summer Registration - Please complete this form if you wish to take a class through the Virtual Virginia platform.
    New credit classes for SCPS begin on Monday, May 16th.  Students must be registered for new credits prior to this date.  SCPS Credit Recovery courses begins on June 6th.  Please read the information carefully before making your selections.

    Learning Options for Students

    • Credit Recovery - June 6 - July 21
      • A combination of virtual learning and on-campus learning in the learning lab. All students are welcome (and encouraged) to work in the learning lab. Students should bring headphones to the lab.
      • One unit of new credit is the maximum for which a student may enroll. Some courses may include a required end-of-course test to earn a verified credit (SOL or W!SE Financial Literacy exam) to receive high school credit.
      • *Potential NCAA athletes must enroll in Summer School for initial credit; these students must physically be present in the learning lab each day, until their course is complete.
    • New/initial credit - May 16 - July 21
      • Instruction is almost entirely online
      • Students must take the midterm, final, and any required end-of-course assessments (SOL or W!SE exam) in the learning lab.
      • Should a student fail to make adequate daily progress in the virtual learning environment, they will be required to "catch-up" in the learning lab until they are back on pace. Online courses will be suspended if students fall too far behind. One new unit of credit is the maximum for which a student may enroll at a time. 

    If you have any questions, please contact your child's counselor.