•    EAGLE Power Hour Overview

    Colonial Forge High School 


    At Colonial Forge High School, we want to increase opportunities for students to receive academic, social, and emotional support, confer with teachers, complete work and take advantage of remediation, intervention, and enrichment opportunities.  Eagle Power Hour will provide ALL of our students with real world experiences which include time management, organization and social-emotional skill development. 



    Eagle Power Hour is a sixty minute block of time between second and third period during the school day for students to practice time management strategies as they mature into adults. Students can self-select the activities in which they participate during the hour. The hour has two 30-minute sections, A and B, so students can plan their time accordingly.  Each day may look very different depending on the options they select.  Below are several options for students during the Eagle Power Hour time.  In order to allow teachers and sponsors time to prepare and identify students for academic, social, and emotional support, Eagle Power Hour will begin Monday, August 29, 2022.  

    Block 1

    7:30 AM-8:48 AM (78)

    Block 2

    8:53 AM-10:11 AM (78)

    Eagle Power Hour

    10:15 AM-11:15 AM

    (Lunch, Student Support, Club/Activities Meetings)

    Block 3

    11:19 AM-12:37 PM (78)

    Block 4

    12:42 PM-2:00 PM (78)


    Eagle Power Hour Options:

    • Tutorials: During Power Hour, teachers will open their doors to students to provide supplemental instruction, remediation and assistance on classroom assignments.  Each individual teacher will have a unique weekly tutoring schedule with specific intervention times.

    • Counseling Center: CFHS Counselors will be accessible to students for group sessions, college and career guidance through Naviance, search and complete scholarship applications and complete FAFSA applications. 

    • Clubs and Organizations:  All CFHS clubs and organizations  will be provided a weekly opportunity to meet during Eagle Power Hour.  Conducting these meetings during the day will allow our Eagles to be able to participate in before and after school activities without reservation. 

    • Study Groups: Many students gather with fellow students from their classes to work on group projects or to study for exams together.  Encourage your child to meet up with such groups to practice and learn from peers. 

    • Testing Center: If your child is absent or needs to take a test,  students have the option to visit the Eagle Testing Center  where they can complete their test during the school day.  Students are encouraged to talk with their teacher and make arrangements if make-up tests are needed.

    • Student-led Tutorials: Student groups such as the Writing Center are available on specific days to help students via peer-to-peer tutoring.  Peer tutoring continues to be one of the most effective instructional strategies.   

    • Eat lunch: Students may eat lunch at any time within the sixty minute Power Hour period.  All of our cafeteria lines will be open and we will also offer a-la-carte selections.  Students may eat their lunch at multiple locations throughout the building including the cafeteria and our flexible seating options in each wing on every floor.  Additionally, students may eat lunch in the classroom with a teacher while receiving tutoring.  

    • Library:  During Eagle Power Hour, the library has been designated as the “quiet space” to allow students a quiet environment to eat lunch, complete assignments, read or simply take a “brain break”.  We feel this environment may provide many students the opportunity to recharge as they prepare for their afternoon classes.  


    Mandatory Tutorials (Teacher Assigned)

    CFHS teachers may assign students a MANDATORY tutorial based on academic performance to facilitate student academic success.  Students and parents will be notified, in writing, when assigned a MANDATORY tutorial.  Failure to complete the tutorial session may result in consequences, including Eagle Power Hour detention. 


    Student Expectations

    All students are expected to follow the SCPS  Student of Conduct at all times, clean up after themselves and to take full advantage of the opportunities Eagle Power Hour provides.  At any time, school administration reserves the authority to pause the Power Hour and adjust the schedule where a 30 minute lunch is built-in to students' second block class. 


    Eagle Power Hour Schedule FAQ’s

    Q:  Is Power Hour every day of the week or on select days?

    A:  CFHS Power Hour will take place every day of the week beginning on Monday, August 29th

    Q:  Can my child leave campus during Power Hour?

    A: No, students may not leave campus during Power Hour. 

    Q:  When can students eat during Power Hour?

    A:  Students may eat within the sixty minute Power Hour period. Times may vary depending on tutoring or activities schedule.

    Q:  Is there a quiet area for my child to “recharge” before their afternoon classes?

    A:  Yes.  The library has been designated as our “quiet space” during Power Hour. 

    Q:  Does my child have access to a computer during Power Hour?

    A:  Absolutely.  Students may use their SCPS issued chromebook during Power Hour.  

    Q:  Are there any areas that are closed during Power Hour?

    A:  Yes.  All athletic facilities are closed during Power Hour including gyms and locker rooms.