• The SHS Indian Company NJROTC Unit was established 11 December, 2008. We are housed on the left side of the school campus in the Aimee Building; easily identified by the Flagpole immediately in front of our door.  For the 2022-2023 school year the Unit has a current strength of 120 Cadets.  Our goal is to continue growing and arrive at an end strength between 200-225 Cadets.

    Our mission is to introduce students to the meaning of citizenship, the elements of leadership, the value of scholarship in attaining life goals and to promote awareness of a healthy lifestyle.  

    Our two concentration areas are Military Drill and Physical Training.  The purpose of military drill is to provide uniformity and standardization for all NJROTC levels from Naval Science I, II, III, & IV through close order drill and military ceremonial evolutions.  Specifically, to support the understanding of students in the operative principles of military leadership, the concept and significance of teamwork, the intrinsic value of good order and discipline in the accomplishment of objectives. The purpose of physical training is to promote an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness and a proper diet.  An introduction to WELLNESS, FITNESS, and FIRST AID to include diet, exercise and drug awareness.

    The Unit also has many opportunities outside of the traditional classroom.

    ● Active Drill Team, Color Guard, Academic Team, Athletic Team and forthcoming Orienteering and Drone Teams 

    ● We will also have various orientation field trips and other activities for the students to enhance classroom learning and support camaraderie of the unit. To include the following examples:
       Activity Participation
       Community Service
       School Support
       Basic Leadership Camps 

    We thank you in advance for your continuing support and contributions to your Cadets, our Unit and the NJROTC program.

    Find out more information about our Unit here: