• The Garrisonville Historic Mural was completed in 2023 and incorporates Garrisonville's early history, native species of Virginia, and the legacy of Gwyneth Griffin. The mural is installed on the south-facing wall of Garrisonville above the memorial garden that was constructed in memory of Gwyneth Griffin, a former Garrisonville Gator who passed away while attending A.G. Wright Middle School. This location was chosen so that the mural could serve many purposes. Not only is the mural outside so that anyone visiting the school can enjoy and learn from it, but it is also an extension of the memorial that is already in place.

    The area of Stafford County known as Garrisonville was named after a family who played a significant role in the early settlement of Stafford. The actual Garrisonville Road was a little north of the present road. By the mid 1750s, this area was a settlement with lots of Garrisons, who were shopkeepers or owned blacksmith shops.  People would congregate in their stores and pick up their mail there, too, so, the stores were considered post offices. The mural pays homage to these pioneers with a sweeping postal theme throughout the mural. 

    The pieces of mail that are being carried by the wind from one side to the other share important information on Gwyneth Griffin and her legacy. Our mural theme goes far beyond our county's past and pays tribute to more recent historical events, such as the passing of Gwyneth's Law in 2013. This law made it mandatory for all public schools in Virginia to have an AED machine in place, as well as mandatory CPR training for all teachers. This great historical achievement was made possible by Gwyneth's Gift, a foundation created in Gwyneth's name after she passed away while attending A.G. Wright. 

    The mural ties our past and more recent history together with native Virginia flowers and our state insect prominently placed throughout. The butterfly is a nod to Virginia, but it also serves as a special symbol for Gwyneth. The mural is full of vibrant colors that bring brightness to the outdoor space. Our school colors, green and orange, are found throughout the piece as a tribute to our school community and to honor Gwyneth’s time as a Gator.

    This mural would not have been possible without the generous support of the Stafford Education Foundation, Stafford Museum, Gwyneth's Gift Foundation, Garrisonville Parent Teacher Organization, and Garrisonville Elementary staff.  We must also thank our muralist, Tanya Green. She truly brought the school’s vision to life from the very beginning sketches to the final brush stroke on the wall. Thanks to Tanya’s talent and dedication, the GES community now has a lasting reminder of our area’s history and the legacy of an amazing Gator.


    Thank you to our mural sponsors:

    Gwyneth's Gift, Stafford Education Foundation Promoting Educational Growth, GES PTO, Garrisonville Elementary Staff 22-23, and Stafford Museum