• 7th graders at Drew can participate in the Triple Play reading program to earn prizes.  The Triple Play card below works like a tic tac toe game.  Students are required to choose books that will make a complete row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. 


    • You may choose ANY book at all (except for those listed on the back of this page) as long as it fits into the correct genre for the column you are completing. 
    • The book does not have to be from the Drew library.
    • Look carefully at the options to decide which direction you want to go in completing your tic tac toe so that you don’t end up with a genre you don’t want to read.


     Biography or nonfiction



    Science Fiction








    Make Your Own

    Free Choice         



    Sports or Scary book


    Realistic Fiction


    Historical Fiction





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    Completed Triple Play - choose a prize from our prize shelf!


    Second Triple Play – choose another prize and a book.


    Cover your card - choose another prize and a book and

    come to a donut party in the spring.



    Getting credit for your reading


    Bring the book with you and come do a book chat with Mrs. Ashby OR fill out this form


    The only books you MAY NOT to complete your Triple Play are picture books - Things such as Dr. Seuss, Pete the Cat, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, Goodnight Moon, Jumanji  


    Graphic novels are NOT picture books so they DO count for Triple Play as long as they fit into the correct genre.


     Other than those,

    any other book in the entire world is acceptable

    to earn credit for the Triple Play card.

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    MARCH 7, 2024