• Read and Win!

    8th graders at Drew can participate in the "Read and Win" program.  Students can read any books they choose and then fill out a form to earn points for their reading.  For each ten points a student earns, they will be entered into a drawing to choose prizes each session.

    What books count for the program?
    Almost any book at all!  We will be using the point system developed by the Accelerated Reader Enterprise program.  Books are awarded points based on length and difficulty of the text.  As long as Accelerated Reader has determined the points for a book, that book counts for our program, even picture books.  You can check online to see how many points a book will be worth at

    If you want to read a book that is not listed on AR Book Find, talk to Ms. Ashby to find out how many points it will be worth.

    How do I get entered in the drawing?
    Read a book and
    fill out a form about it. Once you have earned ten points, you will be entered in the drawing for that session. You are entered each time you earn ten points so keep reading!  For example, if you earn 50 points, you will be entered into the drawing five times. 

    What are the prizes?

    It varies a little each session, but prizes include:


    Gift cards

    Donut breakfast for you and two friends

    LARGE candy bars


    Soccer balls



    Nail polish


    Lava lamps

    And more