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    What: Do you want to learn how to play the Pokémon Trading Card game or are you looking to improve your skills? Join a group of like-minded students to meet weekly to learn about deck building, rules of play, and strategy. We’ll practice each week and then put our skills to the test with a Spring Pokémon Tournament!


    Rules: Students may bring their own standard deck of cards or use a club provided pre-designed deck.

    The first 20 minutes of each meeting will be dedicated to learning about game-play rules, deck building basics, and strategy. The rest of the meeting will be used to play practice games with other club members. We’ll have prizes each week for the top winners in our practice matches.

    Trading Cards: Trading cards is a popular feature among collectors and players. Trading cards between players is permitted at the discretion of the students and their parents. Club sponsors will not participate in any trading, buying, or borrowing of cards owned by students. RTMS Staff and club sponsors cannot oversee or monitor trades between individual players. All players agree to use good sportsmanship and will not take any cards or supplies owned by the school or another player.

    Upcoming Events & Dates:

    Club Meeting Dates - Afterschool until 5:30pm.

    • Wednesday, March 27

    • Wednesday, April 3

    • Saturday, April 6 - Spring Tournament  9:00 - 1:30pm

    • Wednesday, April 17

    • Wednesday, April 24

    • Wednesday, May 1

    • Wednesday, May 8

    • Wednesday, May 15



    Pokémon Players Club - Permission Form

    Pokémon Players Club - March - May Meeting Dates

    April 6th Tournament Sign Up