• portrait  Welcome! The art room is a place where students can be creative, get inspired, learn new skills, and problem solve.  The art program interrelates art history, art production, art criticism, and aesthetics.  Lessons are developed based on the Virginia Standards of Learning as well as incorporating core subject areas' standards.  Anyone can suceed in art!  Creativity exists in all students.  Individual success is achieved according to each student's stage of growth and development.  Process is more important than product.  My goal is to instill a love and appreciation of the arts. 

    Mrs. Snyder


    Art Room Expectations

    1. Listen carefully.

    2. Follow directions.

    3. Work quietly.  Do not disturb others who are working.

    4. Respect others.  Be kind.

    5. Respect school, personal property, & art supplies.

    6. Work & play safely.




  • Please remember to send in art shirts for your children.

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